Tsounato Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tsounato extra virgin is a special olive oil completely different from all other olive oils:

  • Because of its higher content of vitamins, antioxidants, phenols, polyphenols in comparison with other extra virgin olive oils
  • Because its taste (sweet and mild) and also its color (golden), make it stand out immediately from all other extra virgin olive oils.

All of the above and also the fact that it is produced only in our region and nowhere else around the world makes it special and unique.

Olives of variety "Tsounati" have a different way of producing and harvesting:

The tsounati olive is the tame olive tree. To collect the olive the usual harvesting techniques (hitting the tree) are not applicable, because the tree could be hurt. So we wait for the ripening of the fruit. Then the tree starts to throw its fruits slowly and we collect them. For this reason the harvest lasts 6-7 months. From early November till the end of May.