Secret of Longevity

Now days our life and the everyday routine have been shaped in such way we should be very careful in order to maintain not only a good health but a good quality of life as well, away of any kind of illnesses. To achieve this aim is commonly known that the very basic factor is the daily diet.

Cretans for centuries have adopted a way of diet round the products of mother earth with the olive oil in the most distinguished place. The olive oil itself is used, literally, as a source of life. Its consumption is not only for cooking but for pharmaceutical prescriptions as well. Not so many years back women used it as hydration for their skin and for their hair, giving them shine and health. Cretans even today, knowing its beneficial attributes, each morning drink one spoonful of olive oil accompanied from a glass of cool water.

From time to time several scientists dealt with the beneficial attributes of olive oil certifying them with proportional studies.

One of those and the most known is the eminent 'Study of Seven Countries' which drew and organized by Anzel Keys, which when was published around the '80s reveal with clarity that the level of health of Cretans was the highest all over the world.

Cardiovascular diseases and carcinomas were very rear. The research was in sample of about 100.000 individuals in Crete and showed that the deaths due the mentioned diseases were only 9, opposite 466 in a same sample in Finland. This incredibly big numerical difference was proved by that study that mainly owed in the Cretan diet with the frequent and daily consumption of olive oil.

So, the secret is hidden in the Cretan olive oil, our Olive Oil...