About us

Our family measures over 80 years working on vegetation of olive trees producing high quality of olive oil. Our privately-owned olive groves are counting several years of life. They were planted by our grandfathers with love and today we continue their desire with the same love and care, always in complete harmony with the nature of the environment of our island.

Our olive-groves are found in over 400 meters high, over the mountainous region of Sarakina in South-western Crete. The varieties of olive trees in our region are the "Tsounati" which flourishes exclusively in our region and "Koronaiki". Those varieties in the particular climatic (full sunlight, high rainfalls, low humidity) and geomorphologic (inclining grounds with very big hypsometric differences) conditions of our region give physiochemical and organoleptic characteristics to our "Extra Virgin Olive oil from Selino,Crete".